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India. Kenya. Indonesia. Cambodia. Nigeria. China.Pakistan. The list continues...

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All around the world, slums are appearing and spreading like wildfire in urban areas. Communities are now growing everywhere from rooftops to graveyards, as people desperately search for a simple plot of land to build a shelter, however simple, for their families. Landfills are particularly popular among the destitute because they provide vast swaths of cheap land with a ready source of supplies and resources. Unless people start making a determined effort to reverse this trend, the phenomenon - and the poverty and marginalization that come with it - will only continue to worsen. So join us as we attempt to provide a sustainable solution to lift these people out of poverty. Join us as we attempt to turn a wasteland into a homeland. .

Our Mission Statement

Image a world where 1.6 billion people remain in the dark – with no access to running water, refrigeration, or lighting. The em[POWER] Rutgers Chapter is a student organization whose vision is to help improve the lives of those living in these conditions. Our mission is to establish a green energy methane-based power plant that is fueled by municipal waste in order to develop schools and community infrastructures for people living in landfills.

Meeting Info

Location: RSC 454

Day: Every Other Tues.(See Calendar on Events Page)

Time: 8:00 PM